Rolling papers: what are the most ecological options?

Rolling papers are a key component of cannabis consumption. Traditional paper options are often considered unsustainable and harmful to the environment, so manufacturers have begun to offer more eco-friendly alternatives. But with the variety of choices available on the market, it can be difficult to know which options are actually the most sustainable. This guide will explore the different rolling paper options available to help consumers make more environmentally friendly and sustainable decisions.

Different options for environmentally friendly rolling papers

If you're a tobacco or cannabis enthusiast, you know that rolling papers are necessary accessories that you use frequently. Yet, did you know that there are more environmentally friendly options than traditional rolling sheets?

Hemp Rolling Sheets

Hemp is a plant that grows quickly and without the need for many pesticides or fertilizers. Hemp rolling papers are an ideal ecological option, since hemp is a renewable and sustainable resource. Plus, hemp burns slowly and evenly, which is perfect for consumers looking to stretch their smoking experience.

Unbleached Paper Rolling Sheets

Traditional rolling papers are often bleached to give them a uniform white color. However, the bleaching process adds polluting chemicals to the environment. Unbleached rolling papers are made from raw paper, which reduces their environmental impact. They are healthier for consumers because they are free of chemicals.

Natural Cellulose Rolling Papers

Natural cellulose rolling papers are made from plants, such as potatoes or carrots, which are then processed into a paper-like material. This option is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional rolling papers and does not use bleaching or other chemical processes. They are ideal for those looking for a tasteless or odorless experience.

Criteria for choosing environmentally friendly rolling papers

To choose the best eco-friendly rolling sheet option for you, you should consider several factors.
  • The environmental impact of the rolling sheet's production: choose an option that uses renewable and sustainable resources to minimize environmental impact.
  • The composition of the rolling sheet: look for an option that is free of bleaching and chemicals to avoid harmful effects on your health.
  • Taste and odor: If you're looking for a taste-free or odorless smoking experience, natural cellulose rolling papers are a great choice.
  • Burn Lens: Hemp rolling papers burn more slowly and evenly, which can make your smoking experience more enjoyable.

Most environmentally friendly rolling sheet brands

Not all rolling papers brands are created equally in terms of production and ecology. The brands were chosen based on their environmental commitment and use of sustainable materials.


Raw is one of the most environmentally friendly brands in the rolling papers market. Their line of unbleached hemp rolling papers are ethically produced and are free of chemicals and bleaching. They have recently launched a line of natural cellulose rolling papers, which is a great option for those looking for a taste-free or odor-free experience.


OCB Organic produces a line of unbleached hemp and natural cellulose rolling papers. Their products are ethically produced and undergo rigorous quality standards to ensure an optimal smoking experience. The OCB Bio line is fully recyclable - a great option for environmentally conscious consumers.


Elements is a brand that focuses on natural ingredients in the production of their rolling papers. Their rolling sheets are made from rice and other natural fibers to produce an eco-friendly rolling sheet option. The Elements line is free of chemicals and bleaching, making it healthy for consumers.

Pure Hemp

As the name suggests, Pure Hemp uses unbleached hemp to make their rolling sheets. They have eliminated synthetic gum arabic in their production process, making it a more environmentally friendly option than traditional rolling sheets. Pure Hemp's product line is affordable for the budget-conscious consumer.

Tips for a responsible consumption of ecological rolling papers

To get the most out of your smoking experience with eco-friendly rolling papers, here are some tips:
  • Buy rolling papers in large quantities, rather than buying individual packs to reduce packaging waste.
  • Store your rolling papers in a dry, dark place to preserve their quality and extend their life.
  • Don't throw cigarette or joint butts into the environment to reduce the environmental impact of your smoking.
By following these tips, you can help reduce your environmental impact while enjoying your smoking experience with eco-friendly rolling papers.

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