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The benefits of regulation for the CBD industry

The CBD industry is booming. However, as with many growing industries, regulation and compliance are often seen as obstacles. But in reality, regulation is beneficial on all levels, from compliance to consumer confidence and international market access. Learn more about…

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Why is the sale of CBD to minors illegal?

The sale of CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has become a controversial topic in recent years. Although considered a legal substance in many places, the sale of CBD to minors is illegal in most countries around the world. But why…

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How much THC is legal in CBD products?

If you’re a consumer or producer of CBD products, you’ve likely heard about THC and its legal limitations in CBD products. In this article, we explore the regulations surrounding THC in CBD products, the differences between THC and CBD, the…

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Rules for selling vape products online

The regulations of the CBD industry are complex, especially when it comes to the online sale of vape products. To avoid mistakes and ensure a sustainable business, here are the main rules to know. The regulatory elements to know The…

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How to get your CBD products certified?

If you’re considering selling CBD products, it’s essential to comply with all the rules you need to follow to sell products and ensure that your customers have confidence in your products. CBD certification is a great way to provide proof…

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