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Cibdol 4% Organic CBD Oil – 30ml Bottle is a very good quality CBD oil and we can whole heartedly endorse this product as we have been taking it ourselves for one month and IMHO its has changed our life for the better, we instantly noticed that sleep patterns had become very regulated and any usual day to day pains such as bad backs and stiff joints became a thing of the past. Please note though that we are not scientists and make no claim that this product will cure you or any family member, however from our personal experience it has changed how we live and feel day to day. The CBD oil is blended with high quality olive oil which is used as a base and delivery fluid. Its not bad tasting but if you don’t enjoy the taste, just add it to a smoothie and you will benefit greatly with out a bad taste. we also recommend starting on a 10ml bottle and if the product proves to be a good choice then up the sizes to get a bigger ml for a cheaper price. Cibdol CBD oil is a great way to start you foray into the world of CBD oil and with so many products available on the Hemp oil drops market it pays to do lots of research before you commit to a product and this is why no CBD products or Vape CBD products should be bought from any re sellers who are not based with the Hemp industry as the products they sell and the storage of said products is an unknown


Cibdol CBD oil is made from some of the European Unions finest organic grade hemp, grown with out pesticides or toxins to stimulate growth the CBD that is extracted from these plants is pure and effective and is easily one of the best high end CBD products on the market today. Combining the organic grown hemp with high tech modern and very sterile scientific processes produces a CBD Oil that can easily be lauded as one of the best. All of Cibdols CBD Oils are 100 percent natural and organic and zero growth hormones are used in the production ensuring you the costumer ends up receiving a high end product just a nature intended.  As well as being naturally grown the hemp used in the cibdol production has also been selectively bred to ensure its CBD content is much higher than regular hemp plants, this boosts the power of the CBD oil and the bodies ability to intake the CBD extracted from the hemp plants. On top of all this all the CBD oil Cibdol produces is lab tested under exacting conditions from seed to shelf for CBD content, Cannabinoids, contaminants , bacteria and mould and fungus’s to ensure your safety and the quality of the hemp extract oil.  All of Cibdols CBD hemp oil drops are Kosher, lactose free and vegan friendly.

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